Gabija Steponenaite




My Watercolors and Artist Un-statement:

It always raises my suspicion at an art gallery when I detect an artist’s “encyclopedia” peppered with international terms and obscure phrases. Presumably this is where a visitor should find explanations of each brush stroke, color choice, influences, felt emotions and possibly uncle’s advice. If a work of art is good, it speaks for itself. If a work of art is bad, no theories or sophisticated speeches will make it more impressive. I am finding out that the more mediocre art work is, the longer is the artist’s statement, which makes visitors shrug their shoulders and guiltily ask themselves, “Oh. Maybe I just do not understand.” Let us have some courage to say, “The King is naked” instead of hiding him under the facade of meaningless words.

About my work

I started creating watercolors a few years ago, and I view it as a “game with colors” where I expect the unexpected. My mixed media paintings are the material fragments of my memories. Inspired by the recollections of distant lands and cities, I create work to share these impressions and experiences. In abstract interpretations of landscape, cityscape and still life, color is the main medium for conveying captured moments. I depend on play of shadow, color and shape to define the character of an object or place. I guess I just wrote my first artist’s statement.

Yellow Silence G Steponenaite 2014

Yellow Silence