Felicitas Sokec

Quan Yin - Orange-Yellow Vase

Quan Yin – Orange-Yellow Vase


Felicitas is the founding mother of FALCON (a Minnesota-based womyn artists’ group), Mother’s Milk e-zine (a magazine by womyn for womyn), Goddess Night (a female identified only cabaret style event to build community among womyn through the arts), and the Temple of MA – Sacred Art and Spirituality Center (Feminine Divine – Matrifocal Community).  A Minister and Doctor of Metaphysics, Felicitas emphatically embraces the Arts and Spirituality as symbiotic, inseparable elements.  Felicitas teaches art to students of all ages and abilities at her Fine Art School in Tucson, AZ, as well as at an elementary school.  She believes that teaching the arts arms her students with invaluable power tools on their belt as creative problem-solving skills which empower all parts of their lives.

Flora the Spring Maiden Goddess

Flora the Spring Maiden Goddess