Fazilat Soukhakian


An Anonymous Battle 2 (40″ x 30″, 2 pieces), digital photography, $1500


An Anonymous Battle 2 (40″ x 30″, 2 pieces), digital photography, $1500

This photo series explores the role of the Muslim woman in a changing Islamic society in order to grasp an understanding of her life behind the veil. No longer tolerating the suppression of sexuality in the Islamic society, a Revolution has emerged from behind the veils in many Islamic countries. Society’s fight over what is right and wrong, associated to the domain of both tradition and modernity, has shaped women’s minds over time.

A new generation of mostly educated women, having become aware of their rights and powers gifted to them through a glance into modernity, has jump-started an ever-growing struggle between tradition and modernity throughout Islamic countries. These young generations are struggling to find a way of reacting to the power held over them, grasping to find any form of freedom they can behind the facade of everyday life.

The Islamic laws have influenced the mind and body of the woman in today’s Islamic society, who is now demanding her equality in gender roles and sexuality in order to build a new, impartial and balanced world for future generations in the Islamic world. A contrast can be found between the veil, an obstacle or even imprisonment of the person, and the woman’s pose, referencing back to Ancient Islamic culture and tradition, in particular Persian literature, where the woman was portrayed as a strong beacon, consistently forming the center of attention, desire and love.

Aligned with the idea of the woman as someone “who is one-in-herself”, this cultural shift is floating her towards a self-expressionist individuality throughout this revolution. Historically, the woman in this society was cultured to be in service of her future counterpart, but modernity now allows her to see which powers she carries with her inherently and how she can choose the path of her own cultivation.