Emily Mulenga

Orange Bikini by Emily Mulenga.jpg

Orange Bikini (16:9), video, price on request


Gym Class1 by emily mulenga.jpg

Gym Class (16:9), video, price on request

Junk by emily mulenga.jpg

Junk (16:9), video, price on request

Through video and the digital, I use my own image as a tool to explore ideas of the body, identity and sexuality. My works take place in multi-layered landscapes, with groundless, floating visuals splashed throughout the work, positioning both my real and computerised bodies within a fictitious virtual space. I explore the mediated body and look at ideas based around the black female body in the internet age, with a view to utilising the supposedly democratic nature of online space as a platform for the gendered body of color.

Themes contained within previous works have been the digitization and mediation of the body and the use of technology to influence and regulate the IRL body; the quest for the ideal body that is often played out in virtual spaces; ideals and insecurities surrounding black beauty; and the visceral, abject nature of the human body in opposition to the avatar.

Most recently I am concerned with the idea of the ‘safe space’ and ways in which oppressed groups can find solace in these designated places and spaces in the face of constant trauma. I look to explore how these bodies can find comfort through acts of self-care and self-love, reclaiming them as sites of positivity and celebration. My avatar, appearing in much of my work, will begin a new quest wandering through various spaces on a fantastical journey to promote her own happiness. I am interested in editing together a world where rules and barriers are broken down and we are presented with the opportunity to use this groundless new world to put ourselves first.