Emily Beck


Elusive Dwells, 30×20 inches, Archival print

I am a multimedia artist and professor of art at The University of Notre Dame. In my work, I manipulate and re-contextualize aspects of our identity that are often hidden within the layers of human communication. My work considers the complexities that come with self-awareness. Using video, photography, sound, and sculpture, I capture experiences of emotional vulnerability, unrehearsed performances, systems of belief, and methods of connection and understanding.

In the Elusive series, I use long exposure photography shot in fast intervals to capture my movement in a handmade “light suit.” The camera captures the moving image of light- that is mysterious in nature, but can be easily explained- juxtaposing something that is so obviously constructed while pretending to be elusive. This piece is a visualization of our desire to connect with something magical, spiritual, or otherworldly and the disappointment we meet when we uncover the carefully constructed illusion.