Deborah Hirshfield

Hirshfield, Deborah2

“Triumvirate of Maladies “; Silk, dye, wood, thread, wool roving; 5 x 4.5 ft

Could be I’m a”textylist.” I’ve always loved clothes as aesthetic and costume. My grandmother was a tailor in the Ladies’ Garment Workers Union, where my dad volunteered his physician services. My mom made everything from French curtains to designer dresses. My first sewing teacher was named Mrs. Curtain, I kid you not. I made all of my clothes and many crazy outfits for my husband and son while batiking wall hangings and taught batik at the Institute del Arte in San Miguel, Mexico. Now, I’m experimenting with large scale Shibori installations, in continuation of the same interchangeable art/ garment idea I had at age sixteen! Funny, how pervasive a theme can be albeit subliminal, throughout one’s life. Must be in the genes.


“Untitled”; Silk organza, dye, metal, rubber; 6 x 10 ft