Dana Nechmad


Two Face, video projection, 4:07, $2000

I am investigating power in relation to sexuality and gender. My point of view is a personal one that is predicated on directness especially as it relates to the body’s carnal and spiritual character. Inspired by an older generation of artists like Sarah Lucas, Cindy Sherman, Hermine Freed, and Nancy Spero, I’m interested in representing the body, especially the female body in art, in relation to its needs and activities while retaining its sensuality, darkness, and authority.

I begin with a network of personal associations that inspires a mixture of representations. I combine contrasting physical and associative elements in a way that works against establishing a linear narrative, preferring instead to use the logic of images against themselves to represent ideas that are arrived metaphorically and phenomenally.

For this exhibit I selected a work I made recently: a video performative piece that I think will suit perfectly to the idea of self projection, as all are made with images of a woman investigating her own gaze and struggling through her own expression of body and mind.

My ambition is to express gestures that invite an increasing sense of confrontation, referring to history, and society while retaining the more subtle personal insight and emotion that are at their core.