Cydney Lewis


“Blackberry Necklace”; Plastics bags, wire; 4 x 12 inches

I began making adornments while creating sculptural figures, collages and intricate sculptures using plastic after seeing those ubiquitous bags abandoned in trees, along the streets, sitting in landfills or collected by friends. My architectural and an art direction for film background have given me a sense of design and structure to craft these wearable pieces.

As I was walking down the street, I noticed the berries on the trees and this is how the Berry Collection began or the Buds n Branches Collection was inspired by nature’s rebirth of flowers in the spring. These new founded techniques using plastic inspired brooches, necklaces and rings as adornment by transforming something once discarded into something useful and beautiful.

I hope to create an awareness of our life in progress and the obligation to find its brilliance and truthfulness through all the anxiety and uncertainties that encircle us. My jewelry adornments are a reminder of how we can create beauty, by transforming a useful, yet harmful material into a work of art.