Current Exhibitions

“One In Herself”

March 11 – April 28, 2016
Juror: Audra Jacot
Adriana_Poterash-Jump Alicia_Everett-Alicia_Everett_Pink_40x40 Alison_Slak-IMG_5061 Ardea_Thurston_Shaine-ThurstonshaineArdea13 Dorothy_Kavka-Seraglio_72dpi dananechmad3 Emily_Nelson-IMG_22662 doyle1 Fazilat_Soukhakian-DSC_2395_2 Eva_Nye-madonnafinal2 Grace_Mattingly-self_portrait_with_tutu Jeanne_Donegan-Jeanne_Donegan_Milk_Stills_from_Video (1) Jen_Furlong-Even_the_Monsters.. Maikue_Vang-Vang_RitualMarkings_GoddessPanel1 Jessica_Jokhi-huntingandfishing Mara_Goldfine-Touch_without_Touch2 Jenna_Richards-JennaRichards_09 Jennifer_McNulty-BloomingBlue Marcia_Santore-Too_Late2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Meghan_Bean-02_Untitled Pride Rachel_Reuther-photo6 Rebecca_Walz-Veiled_Lips2Robin_Power-RP-30 Samantha_Kardos-Kardos_14_Other_Sex Reisha_Williams-IMG_3712 Roberta_Malkin-tumblr_nfcjq7mjLd1qzqtxao1_1280 Sidney_Mullis-SidneyMullis_MatingRitualoftheLumpbuttbouncer_videoprojection_lifesize (1) Tessa_Edgren-Praying_for_My_Sister_What_Will_Happensaskya_fun_sang-6.1 Samantha_Aasen-Wig2

REPRESENTED ARTISTS || Samantha Aasen, Meghan Bean, Jeanne Donegan, Katie Doyle, Tessa Edgren, Alicia Everett, Saskya Fun Sang, Jen Furlong, Mara Goldfine, Jessica Jokhi, Maya Just Maya, Samantha Kardos, Dorothy Kavka, Roberta Malkin, Grace Mattingly, Jennifer McNulty, Sidney Mullis, Dana Nechmad, Emily Nelson, Eva Nye, Adriana Poterash, Robin Power, Raffa Reuther, Jenna RIchards, Marcia Santore, Alison Slak, Fazilat Soukhakian, Moki Tantoco, Ardea Thurston-Shaine, Maikue Vang, Reisha Williams

“One in Herself” grapples with the tensions between the body/soul, intimacy/autonomy, and personal empowerment/objectification. Juried by Chicago-based curator Audra Jacot, the works in “One In Herself” evoke the original definition of the word “virgin” and explore what it means to be a woman “who is one-in-herself.”



“Entirely Myself: Solo Exhibition by Lili Elbe”

March 11 – April 28, 2016
Private Collection of work by Lili Elbe

Woman Made Gallery is pleased to announce Entirely Myself: Solo Exhibition by Lili Elbe, featuring fifteen original works by the 19th century Danish landscape painter. Recognized as one of the first recipients of gender confirmation surgery in medical history, the story of Lili’s life has been adapted into two books; Man into Woman, and the international bestseller and critically acclaimed The Danish Girl.  With works spanning from 1904 through 1929, Entirely Myself is a rare showing of Lili’s art in a large group, as it has often not been available for public viewing.

Born Einar Wegener, Lili’s struggle prior to transition presents that of two opposing identities–feminine and masculine–fighting for dominance. To this end, like “One in Herself,” “Entirely Myself” presents work by an artist struggling to develop her own sense of self and wholeness. Collectively, these exhibitions explore the complexities of gender, sexuality, personhood, and identity, while simultaneously challenging repressive notions of womanhood and femininity.