Connie Wolfe


Air, Installation, Paper, mylar, aluminum wire

My art is a reflection of my excitement for exploring new places. I crave to escape the normal, monotonous patterns that everyday life becomes. In my travels and in my time outdoors, I am inspired by the rich colors and textures in natural environments that typically go unnoticed in the everyday rituals of our society. The resulting art becomes an emotional response to getting lost in the intricacies and layers that nature presents to me. Organic shapes and tonal structures transform these realities into obscured identities through abstraction and enlargement in my work.

My current body of work is an extension of the tranquility that I found spending time under blooming cherry blossoms. The time that I spent sitting under those trees made me realize that the true experience that I want my viewers to obtain when encountering my work is one of peace. Subtleties in shape and color with a feeling of immersion in my works promote a similar response to nature that I feel. Most recently, I have been making mixed-media installations that are pieces on their own, yet they become the inspiration for my two-dimensional works. This process simulates my experience to nature in that subtle differences in light, time of day, and vantage point of the installations are used as source material for my drawings, prints, and paintings. As a result, the subject of all of my work shares the hidden intricacies inherent in our environment.