Cat Chow


“Mo(u)rning Gown”; Plastic, brass, synthetic horsehair; 72 x 20 x 12 inches

My work stems from a conceptual, post-minimalist ideology that I strategically combine with design and craft elements. I see my work not only as poetic meditations, but more importantly, as visually compelling objects that are coded with deeper meanings that suggest paradoxical relationships between seduction and repulsion, beauty and desire, control and restraint, and fetishism and power.

I am interested in exploring the visceral tensions and the psychological complexities in which the rational and irrational intermesh. Though my work is grounded in mathematics and post-minimalism, it still maintains an emotional consciousness that amalgamates masculine and feminine qualities which seduce the viewer through the use of industrial materials, repetitive hand gestures, and inventive fabrications.

I strive to make work that is both socially conscious and poetic, that gives people strength and insight into the human condition by using ungainly materials that lend the work tenderness and humor. Once I decide to use a material, I must find a way to make it my own. If in experimenting with it, I cannot somehow build on its inherent qualities, then my work would be without meaning. I ask myself, how can I transform a material without destroying it and yet find a way to bring it closer to myself.