Cassandra Stadnicki


Where Do I Begin?, film

The natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible is light. The sun is considered the primary source of light. In order to visually experience or see an object, light must bounce off of the object’s surface into the viewer’s eye. Light sources transfer energy through space.

Energy is the resource for producing heat or electricity. Electricity is responsible for operating visual telecommunication mediums such as the television or a computer. Our bodies are said to contain as much energy stored in fat as a one-ton battery. The color the human eye sees when it senses light containing all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum is white. If white is separated by a prism, or refracted, seven colors are revealed to the human eye, the light sensitive organ of vision.

My work is an investigation of the human perception of optic reality. It is an examination of the relationship between tactile and digital matter and how one influences the other. Each day, we visually interact with external matter and process the physical interaction internally, with thought. An external, physical object is communicated into one’s psyche, recognizing the illuminated form from previous experience. There is a cognizance in the accumulated external stimuli. The brain converts the object into a mental display like that of a catalogued digital file. The original becomes more distant even though it is now part of one’s internal mind, a subjective, emotional depiction.