Carly Ries


Holding and Suspending, 11×11 inches, Archival pigment print, aluminum mount

Radiance is a charged luminance, sometimes it is an internal space of mind expressed through the body. In the intimate spaces of the bedroom and in the environs of the city, in the folds of social cloth and the ungraspable, teeming possibilities of an individual’s identity, I am constructing and expanding on the possibilities of a female gaze. Fostering an intimate exchange with those I photograph, I explore the layered and varying experiences of inhabiting subtle and sensual bodies, of self-regard and self-creation, and our relationship to gazes not our own.

Through conversation and subtle physical adjustments, soft approaches and slight retreats, my subjects and I each offer the other fragments from our experiences. We know our vital bodies as sites of overlap between the biological, psychological, and the symbolic. Behind the camera, my charge is to capture the intertwining, to make these forces visible with the strange grace of a photograph.