Bobbi Meier


All that Glitters, 16x8x8 inches, Fiber, canvas

I make fiber-based constructions that are repositories of personal triumphs and tragedies. Appropriating remnants of found objects and clothing, I pervert these materials by means of surgical reconstruction, into oddly sensuous, anthropomorphic forms that reside in an uncomfortable place between plush toys and adult fantasy.

The light reflecting qualities of synthetic, repurposed textiles present in these works imply a sense of club culture from the 70’s and 90’s. The work is embedded with the possibility of a narrative, but left to the viewer to discern. Gold, shiny, bulbous objects radiate into overtly sensuous abstract forms. The juxtaposition of shiny, and furry, lumpy and smooth impart contrast, and amplify the odd ambiguity of the work. Bizarre forms of mysterious origin are charged with a painful and playful narrative to elicit emotions of revulsion, embarrassment and voyeuristic curiosity with a touch of humor.