ATYL Alex Lee


Garcon; Mixed photographic media; Mono inkjet print; 15×33 inches


I come from weavers. Silk-weavers on my mother’s side, through her grandfather who ran a silk farm, from which my grandmother learned her livelihood as a weaver and a seamstress before it was nationalized. Story weavers on my father’s side, whose legacy was destroyed and remade, when his great-grandmother was purged, his ancestral home confiscated and his oldest brother jailed as a counter-revolutionary. In my way, I carry on my parents’ families’ tradition, through cyclical de/constructions, recurring motifs and conceptual elements and tell stories of socio-cultural un/realities through my art.

My work explores layers, of artistic media, and of meanings. They investigate identity through ephemera, and signs and symbols of contemporary society, traditions and religions. Through the process of repetition, by selectively obscuring and revealing, I draw attention to things we encounter each day without seeing. Within each layer is a truth, documenting human bondage, our interrelatedness, and the savage beauty resulted from our endless, hopeful quest for immortality and perfection.


20110230; Cell phone photograph; 10×12 inches


Caustic; Mixed digital media


Din & Mousson Rouge; Acrylic and blank republic poll water forms on canvas (din), reconstructed, hand-dyed denim garments (mousson rouge)


Lovelight; Silkworm cocoons, LEDs; installation


Storage; Mixed digital media


Margins; Cell phone photograph


Requiem for the Baby Albatross or the Bearer’s Stones; De/Reconstructed up-cycled pants, Green Giant foam thumbs, acrylic; installation