Arlene Turner-Crawford


Sun Drummer Speaks; mixed media collage; 28×22 inches


The past two years have been a challenge. I have lost my husband and partner of 35+ years, became a grandmother (NANA) for the first time, and I lost the studio space I have occupied and created in for more than 20 years. However, that is what life is all about, CHANGE. We lose, we gain, we grow, we develop, we move on. In my art, I am embarking on a new series called ‘Check the Blues out before school’s out.’ It’s about music and the creative process I enlist: sketching, writing and creating, while I listen to our Great Black Music.”

Arlene Turner-Crawford is an image-maker who works in the media of painting, assemblage/college, drawing, graphic design and illustration. Influences in her work have come from her family; AfriCOBRA artists; Black Classical Music (jazz); research and meditation.


Orisha Lake Bahia; mixed media collage; 15×20 inches