Ardea Thurston-Shaine


Universal Self Portrait (6.5″ x 8″), watercolor on paper, $150


It Is Only Me #2 (14″ x 20″), watercolor on paper, $450

Women have both analytical and emotional capabilities. We do not need to rely on others to provide either piece. By integrating these two aspects of ourselves, we become more whole.

My art explores how we create identities through our sensory perceptions. Although we may be influenced by how others see the world, ultimately it is our own experiences and how we choose to interpret them that creates us.

We may be tempted to adopt someone else’s interpretation, rather than struggling to create our own, but that will be only a piece of ourselves. In order to be “One in Ourselves,” we have to be open to our perceptions. We have to allow ourselves to be built up out of our experiences by acknowledging the complexity and uniqueness of our own views of the world.

“Universal Self Portrait” shows the landscape creating the figure. I see the web inside the woman as causal relationships and patterns that link pieces of the world. The distant figures represent “others” as they relate to the self.

In “It Is Only Me #2,” the analytical-self tries to reconcile itself with the emotional-self, who is building a wall between the self and the true landscape.