April Martin

#SayHerName Topless Liberation4 by April Martin.JPG

#SayHerName Liberated Chest Action (45″ x 60″), digital print, $1500

I love Black people. I see Black people in all our humanity, beauty, trauma, hope, fears, joy, resilience, brilliance. My camera is a tool to document our magical life.


The #SayHerName photo series is a continuation of my work documenting state violence against Black people. With this project I center black women, and Black trans women in particular.

April Martin is a activist/organizer, documentary filmmaker and street photographer born in Glendale, Ohio and radicalized in Oakland. She recently completed the feature length documentary, “Cincinnati Goddamn,” which focuses on police brutality, institutional black racism, and the power of grassroots activism in Cincinnati, Ohio. The film recently screened at the DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Langston Hughes African American Film Festival, Queer Women of Color Film Festival, and is scheduled to screen at venues nationwide in 2016.
April has been awarded a Puffin Foundation Grant, the Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award, the Wexner Center for the Arts New Media Artist Award, as well as fellowships from Northwestern University and C-Span Television. She has also completed artist residencies at the Wexner Center for the Arts and the Headlands Center for the Arts.