Anna Kunz


Morpho (in studio), 79x79x2 inches, Reflective Enamel and latex on fabric and wood, on canvas

My current work has involved the creation of paintings, sculpture and installations that are inspired by experiential interactions with the urban environment, art, and architecture. These works are often positioned in an operable, site-responsive way within a given space. In keeping the works interchangeable, I am exploring the possibilities for painting to be in constant flux. I like to think of expanded notions in painting, and try to bring as many possible “languages” to my work as I can. I use color to choreograph with, and often, I am asking the color and form in paintings to seep out of the frame into the viewer’s space, the way light enters into a room through a window.

Illumination has been a constant interest during the last years, and, through color and the presence and absence of physical light, I attempt to formalize the element of light in my paintings. I use various qualities of paint, both mirror-like and light absorbing (opaque) to move the viewer through the paintings, and to reflect the other works within them. The color in each piece is choreographed to create shifting atmospheres by using hues that create afterimages that carry on to other works, bodies and the white wall. Through the process of painting and a physical engagement with materials, I wish to convey some quality of light, movement, space and time to the viewer.