Power & Politics of Anger + OVERLAP

“The Power & Politics of Anger”

november 13 – december 18, 2015
Juror: Angee Lennard

Anger is typically stigmatized as an inarticulate, childish, excessive and undesirable emotion to have or express. Yet anger also has the power to mobilize people, to spur individuals into taking action to try and influence situations that may otherwise seem beyond their control. Anger’s effects can be profound: the emotion may lie dormant inside an individual or within an entire generation for decades, slowly building in intensity until it explodes in the form of protests, riots, or war. The Power and Politics of Anger investigates both the positive and negative role that anger plays in art, culture, politics, and everyday life. We seek works in all media that address questions such as: What does anger look like? Is there an “aesthetics” of anger? How is anger registered in works of art through content and/or form? How does identity—gender, race, socioeconomic status—influence social and cultural perceptions of anger as well as an individual’s right to express it? When is anger attractive? When is anger sexualized? When does anger create vulnerability? What is the role of anger in community building? When is anger healthy and generative? How can anger be leveraged to foster well-being?

Anaya_Micaela Barbier_Annette Chow_Cat Convery_Sara Cruser-Showers_Anna Elkuss_Bronwyn1

Fegan_Angela   Gleitz_Linda Hughes_Tonia koenen_example

Le_Vivian Lee_Sue2 Lemke_Gayla2 Lichterman_Marcy2 Mason_Noelle 

Peterson_Bonnie Shoaf_Alma Simpson_Alice Smith_Priscilla Swan_Angela2 Tryloff_Robin2

Vinebaum_Lisa Weaver_Kathy

Artists Represented: Micaela Anaya, Annette Barbier, Cat Chow, Sara Convery, Bronwyn Elkuss, Angela Davis Fegan, Stacey Gee, Tiffany Gholar, Linda Gleitz, Tonia Hughes, Barbara Koenen, Vivian Le, Sue Lee, Gayla Lemke, Marcy Lichterman, Noelle Mason, Amy Misurelli Sorensen, Bonnie Peterson, Alma Shoaf, Anna Showers-Cruser, Alice Simpson, Priscilla Smith, Angela Swan, Robin Tryloff, Lisa Vinebaum, Kathy Weaver



Coordinator: Yevgeniya Kaganovich 

OVERLAP brings together the works of five contemporary jewelers that challenge conventions of jewelry through convincing, completely wearable, and somewhat edgy pieces. A common thread is an interest in materiality: the work challenges ideas of preciousness through the use of traditional, experimental, common, and unexpected materials. The artists are deeply invested in jewelry as subject and format, examining historical forms through a contemporary aesthetic, and engaging ideas about wearability, relationship to the body, and historical uses of jewelry. While being ABOUT jewelry, the work in this exhibition IS also resolutely and unapologetically jewelry.

Buchanan2  Charles2  Kaganovich    Voegele

Artists Represented: Ashley Buchanan, Jim Charles, Yevgeniya Kaganovich, Lyndsay Rice, Stephanie Voegele