Alma Shoaf

"Containing Evil"; Lithography; 11 x 14 inches

“Containing Evil”; Lithography; 11 x 14 inches

I began my life as a painter, then illustrator, and then somewhere in-between. My work will always be illustration, but instead of illustrating linear narratives in an established visual vocabulary, I have become more interested in constructing my own artistic vernacular to be used to convey relationships between society, mythology, and my own personal history. Along those lines, what I feel I am attempting to illustrate is a non-linear record of human imagination, emotion, and destruction using a very personal proto-vocabulary. Overall, I’m looking to reconcile my desire to tell a story, and my instinct to hide my own story within it. In doing this, I have always hoped to connect with an audience in a conversation held in its own language, with visual cues that both hold their own canonized meaning, but are read and heard differently by each individual viewer.