Alison Slak and Moki Tantoco


Circling Affections, performance, NFS

Exploring cleansing practices, preservation of tradition, and initiation rituals, we prepare ourselves for a physical exchange of knowledge. The intimacy of each task we execute embodies our reliance and dependency on one another as women and the importance of support from our community. This passing down of tradition and wisdom allow for later generations to maintain this idea of being whole in ourselves.

The multiple characters of the self are revealed throughout the duration of these exchanges, through our executed tasks such as braiding of the hair, cutting of the hair, grooming, and washing. Natural materials to execute these tasks such as oil, powder, and dirt are enclosed inside of milkweed inspired structures, created prior to the performance.

We believe social practice encourages critical thinking to energize, engage, and empower, while simultaneously revealing our connection to one another.