Alicia Everett

Alicia_Everett-Alicia_Everett_Pink_40x40 (1)

Pink I (40″ x 40″), archival prints on maple wood panels, $1500

I currently work and reside in Chicago as a graduate student pursuing an MFA at The School of Art Institute of Chicago. My interdisciplinary practice explores how forces of a graphic and sexualized visual techno-culture exert power over the way we share and interpret information in our electronic interactions. These systems of personal communication allow for ‘real-time’ interactions that seemingly transverse spatial, cultural, societal, and personal boundaries.

The Series, Pink, consists of digital prints of video stills from cyber sex ‘performances.’ The abstracted movement in the images references the perceived intimacy and autonomy of technical communications, the tangled conditions of objectification versus personal empowerment, and public versus private. I think of this work as painting with virtual life and attempt to use color, line, and movement to create a sense of the feminine tensions underlying the work. These tensions within personal pornography and my research include the negative influences of the pornography industry, revenge porn, and social conditioning of female objectification and degradation. This is contrasted with positive narratives that include use in healthy relationships, body acceptance, feminine sexual empowerment, and the ability to use body image to manipulate the standard binary language of gender.