Adriana Poterash


Jump (18″ x 24″), print media, plaster, pen, silver foil, $1200

The path of a woman-to-be was paved at a tender age of 14 after reading in “Tractus on Ethics” that ‘any exchange of sexual favors for material goods or financial support is a form of prostitution’. It made me review many marriages around me and expectations of me as a woman. Yet, it was written by a man raised in patriarchal society who could not fully understand the woman’s struggle to survive, her role as a mother and her need of a family, intimacy. I decided to live equally to a man as much as I could – to get education, to earn my own living, to raise myself & my child, to follow my goals, to make myself happy and fulfilled – independently of male presence in my life. And on my road, I did not mind to make men happy along with myself.

My piece shows a girl jumping off the shoulders of a man holding the weight of the world to reach the silver word at the top. Secondarily, the main shape of the composition is a huge head with shoulders – a symbol of Higher Presence – to weave two stories into one image as if in a split screen film.