What defines and separates the practices of the artist, the designer, and the craftsman? Or are there instances where they are all the same person? “The 21st century being what it is,” Glenn Adamson, director of the Museum of Arts and Design in NY said, “categories are points of reference, but not very useful as containers of people.” Pieces that imply a wearable function exist in a limbo space where they can fall into any category. This exhibition showcases innovative works that challenge the traditions of jewelry, fashion, and wearable art as both “personal adornment and public sculpture” (Victoria Golmesky NYTimes).

Agabigum_Melis Aloui_Sana Andersen_Jessica Antonini_Sherry2 Baldwin_Dana Barbier_Annette1 Bruening_Christine Calas_Ella1 chow_cat2 Collura_Bonnie3 Costello_Dagmara3 Davis_Dawna Drummond_Jasper Evans_Cynthia Faris_Teresa1 Furman_Kate Garrison_Kathleen GraffBallone_Missy Guerra_Monica1 Hallam_Anne Hirshfield_Deborah1 Holden_Sarah Hovencamp_Katie Kalman_Lauren3 KellerAviram_Danielle Lewis_Cydney Manning_Madison Mariani_Kristin Martinez_Jacinda3 McMahon_Shelly1 Morrissey_Katie2 Murphy_Mallory1 Nye_Kelly1 Onodera_Masako1 Park_Jung1 Peterson_Suzanne Pryor_Shonna Reich_Jen1 Rice_Lyndsay1 Sadovsky_Netta Seo_Jina Simms_Sherry1 Smith_BonnieJo Stevens_Wilma Tchen-Susman_Sara Tolbert_Jess1 Urciuoli_Francesca Wenzel_Broooks

Artists Represented: Melis Agabigum, Sana Aloui, Jessica Andersen, Sherry Antonini, Dana Baldwin, Missy Graff Ballone, Annette Barbier, Christine Bruening, Ella Calas, Cat Chow, Bonnie Collura, Dawna Davis, Jasper Drummond, Cynthia Evans, Teresa Faris, Kate Furman, Kathleen Garrison, Monica Guerra, Anne Hallam, Deborah Hirshfield, Sarah Holden, Katie Hovencamp, Lauren Kalman, Danielle Keller Aviram, Cydney Lewis, Madison Manning, Kristin Mariani, Jacinda Martinez, Shelly McMahon, Katherine Morrissey, Mallory Murphy, Dagmara Nogalska-Costello, Kelly Nye, Masako Onodera, Sophia Park, Suzanne Peterson, Shonna Pryor, Jen Reich, Lyndsay Rice, Netta Sadovsky, Jina Seo, Sherry Simms, Bonnie-jo Smith, Wilma Stevens, Sara Tchen-Susman, Jess Tolbert, Francesca Urciuoli, and Broooks Wenzel.

Juror: Selections were curated by Yevgeniya Kaganovich, an artist, wearables designer, Professor and Chair of the Department of Art and Design at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and head of its thriving Jewelry and Metal-smithing program. For more information: http://yevgeniyakaganovich.com/