Meet the Interns

This is the last of a five-part series introducing you to Woman Made Gallery’s interns. Thanks for reading!

Meet Ana Hedenstrom, WMG’s 20 Neighborhoods intern and a 20 Neighborhoods teaching artist:

“Ana Hedenstrom is from Minnesota, has lived in Sweden, and now resides in Chicago where she has just completed her undergraduate studies in art education at SAIC. She is currently a part-time elementary art teacher for Chicago Public Schools, a community yoga instructor and an artist in any free time she can find.”



Why did you want to intern at Woman Made? 

I wanted to intern at Woman Made because it is exciting to work with such a well-established women led organization and working to make art more accessible … dream come true!

Five things that you love:

•making connections with people you would least expect
•acquired tastes
•biking in the city

Five (or four!) things that annoy you to no end:

•when my cat bites my feet
•streets where the bike lane disappears
•societal structure that don’t allow for the change and progress of the people within them

What do you focus on in your internship?

20 Neighborhoods, which is a program free for participants, where a group of “non art world” adults from a variety of neighborhoods around the city come to the gallery and tour/discuss the current show. The event ends with the teaching artists leading an art lesson based on the exhibition.