Meet the Interns

This is the fourth of a five-part series introducing you to Woman Made Gallery’s interns.

Meet Brianna Soukup, WMG’S Arts Marketing Intern: 

“Brianna Soukup is a photographer from Omaha, Nebraska and moved to Chicago in August 2014. She will graduate with degrees in Journalism and Spanish from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in December of 2014. While finishing up school, interning at Woman Made and working in Chicago, she is also a part of an ongoing interactive documentary project with several other young photographers and journalists, called Fly Over Me Valentine, a project documenting modern American rural life in Valentine, Nebraska and the surrounding communities.”


photo by Andrew Dickinson



Why did you want to intern at Woman Made? 

I wanted to intern at Woman Made because I feel really deeply about sharing the stories of women and sharing women’s work. I know from some of my experiences as a photographer what it is like to be a woman in a male-centric field. And although things are changing, there is still work to be done. I love Woman Made’s mission and I wanted to be a part of that.

 Five things that you love:

-Nebraska, and that fact that everyone else doesn’t know how awesome it is

-Taking photos


-When you wake up in the morning and coffee is already made

-Happy crying

 Five things that annoy you to no end:

-Ignorant people

-Fake articles on the Internet

-Dirty socks on the floor

-When people speak to you in a condescending tone

-That we haven’t figured out how to travel through space and time

What do you focus on in your internship?

I am the Arts Marketing intern at Woman Made. I’m especially focused on upping our presence on social media. I’ve been running our Instagram (@womanmadegallery….shameless plug) and trying to better document all of the exciting happenings here at the gallery. I do blog posts; try to get more exposure for our events and calls for artists, etc. A little bit of everything.

Brianna on the web:

Instagram: @bribeezi