Meet the Interns

This is the third of a five part series introducing you to Women Made Gallery’s interns.

Meet Marilu Ramirez Castro, WMG’s Project Research Intern: 

“Marilu Ramirez Castro is not a girl not yet a woman. She lives in Logan Square and has a turtle named Gamera.”



Why did you want to intern at Woman Made? 
I wanted to intern at Woman Made Gallery because I care about art and I care about women. I thought it sounded like a great organization and now that I work here I found out I was right.
Five things that you love:
Animals, reality tv, cheeseburgers, poop jokes, Gucci Mane
Five things that annoy you to no end:
People, time, no left turn signals, alt lit, when people say they don’t watch TV
What do you focus on in your internship?
I’m the project’s research intern so I’m basically great at googling. I help organize upcoming exhibitions and events as well as finding and compiling gallery contacts.

Marilu on the web: