Meet the Interns

This is the second of a five part series where we introduce you to Woman Made’s interns.

Meet Vivian Le, WMG’s Arts Administration Intern:

Vivian was born and raised in the big city- known for its architecture, neighborhoods, culture, and unpredictable extreme weather. She recently graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and a minor in East Asian Languages and Culture. Her visual practice and interests currently focus on gender issues and representations of women and children. She decided it would be appropriate to pursue an internship with Woman Made Gallery in order to further develop and understand her identity as an aspiring professional artist. Apart from her art administration duties at Woman Made, she also works at a local start-up game company, Double Cluepon Studios, as a staff artist. Vivian enjoys watching Miyazaki films, playing with other people’s cats, and buying new books she eventually forgets to read.

VivianLe_photo (1)


Why did you want to intern at Woman Made? As an aspiring visual artist interested in gender and women issues, I thought it would be appropriate and much more meaningful to intern at Woman Made Gallery. I support WMG’s vision and mission. I believe working here will help me develop my professional skills and better understand my identity as an artist.

Five things that you love:
– Petting fat cats
– Peeling tiny clementines
– Cadmium Red Light
– James Jean
– Animations with cute, disturbing creatures or butt jokes
Five things that annoy you to no end: 
– Washing dishes
– Google Maps on Android
– Not immediately being able to find the end of a roll of tape
– The cesspool that is the comment section of many news articles or Youtube videos
What do you focus on in your internship?
I am currently researching new sponsorship and grant opportunities for the gallery.
Vivian on the web: