20 Neighborhoods: Making Paper at HACC in Rogers Park

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Phase II of the 20 Neighborhoods Project is in full swing at Howard Area Community Center!

Teaching artist Kristin Abhalter has been guiding a group of students through the process of making paper from pulp culminated from recycled paper and hexagon-shaped molds.  The result has been sheets upon sheets of beautifully colored bright paper.  The theme of Phase II is “A City of Communities”, with a hacc blog_1focus on community and Chicago.  With this in mind, the group has collaboratively created an embellished map using the sheets of handmade paper, and other materials, to represent the participants’ experiences in Chicago.

In addition to creating their map, the group is also stringing more handmade paper into garlands, using large colorful beads.  These garlands are long, spanning from ceiling to floor of the classroom, and numerous in color and creativity.hacc blog_2

The 7-9 participants are a diverse group, all of whom are either ESL or adult education students taking classes at Howard Area Community Center. They originate from various countries and reside in and around Rogers Park, Edgewater, and Evanston.  The group even includes a painter from Haiti who had no idea that his work had made it to the internet, until the group decided to look him up online during a workshop session, and discovered his web presence!

See the final product of these workshop sessions and visit a fabulous community space in Rogers Park! Come to the Community Showcase being held at Howard Area Community Center on Thursday, October 17th, from 11am to 12pm.

–Lydia Shepard, 20 Neighborhoods Intern

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