Starting up Phase 2: The Return of 20 Neighborhoods

20 Neighborhoods is back and this time with vengeance! Okay, so maybe not vengeance or anything that dramatic but there are some new and exciting changes for Phase 2.

As you may remember 20 Neighborhoods is an art workshop and exhibition series, focused on engaging women from across the City of Chicago together in conversations and art-making around themes of “Self, Home, Community, and City”. The project was created with the intention to strengthen the gallery’s artistic community and to build connections between communities all over Chicago.

For Phase 2 we intend on deepening those connections by combining last year’s participating organizations into larger groups and also pairing up teaching artists. This year, the focus of each group will be to create a collaborative piece of art work to promote meaningful interaction between participating artists as well as their teaching artists.

A few weeks ago the participating teaching artists got together for a meeting concerning phase 2 of 20 neighborhoods.


After discussing logistics and schedules, they were asked to break off into groups of three and create a collaborative piece of work that focused on community.


It was a afternoon of problem solving and reconnecting with our fellow women artists.


Workshops will be held sometime in between the end of August and the beginning of October depending on organizations. We look forward to keeping our readers and supporters updated as this projects continues forward. For more information on 20 Neighborhoods check out our online catalog!

–Lexi Dickens

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