What a Spring!

16th International Open


Untitled work on paper by Maryam Sabbaghpour, Iran

We’ve been busy at Woman Made Gallery this Spring with multiple exhibitions and our annual Gala. From March 1st to April 25th, The 16th International Open brought in some incredible artwork from as far away as New Zealand and Iran, and as close as, well, Chicago! The 16th International was accompanied by a solo exhibition featuring the work of Allison Svoboda, first prize winner from the 15th International Open. Look out for the 17th International Open and its accompanying solo show by Stacee Kalmanovsky, whose sculpure Beggar won this year’s first prize.  Also accompanying the 16th International Open was a solo exhibition by Kathryn Gauthier.

Roaring Into Our Twenties!

Dancer Linda Padilla and daughter Erika are showing guests Charleston dance moves from the 20s. © 2013 Hannah Fehrman

We closed out the month of April with “Roaring Into Our Twenties”,  our annual Gala and silent auction on April 25th. We tried something new this year with a 1920’s theme, complete with Charleston dancing, which was a big hit! It was our wildest party to date, and a financial success to boot!

Humans Being II

'Allison 2' , photo triptych by Sophia Nahli

‘Allison 2’ , photo triptych by Sophia Nahli

May at Woman Made brought in an exciting group exhibition entitled Humans Being II. Curated by renowned artist, activist, and curator Riva Lehrer, the exhibition focuses on the experience of disability as explored through contemporary art. Included are painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, and photography works.

As a featured program in the Bodies of Work festival, a multi-media arts festival dedicated to Disability Arts and Culture, the exhibition was a wonderful learning experience for Woman Made Gallery, pushing us to implement a variety of new practices aimed at making the gallery more accessible for artists and visitors with disabilities. We are now printing artist statements in larger font, hanging artwork lower on the wall, and have a new wheelchair ramp.

Even more exciting than these positive changes  at the gallery are the events that accompanied the exhibition, which began with an reception attended by over 175 visitors and artists. Next came a powerful reading, “The Body Uncommon”. Co-curated by Nina Corwin and Deborah Kent, the reading explored the experiences of people whose uncommon bodies lead them to live outside the expected norms. Poet and performer, Pennie Brinson, poet Lily Diego; essayist and novelist Deborah Kent; nonfiction writer and editor, Sarah Hollenbeck; and acclaimed performance artist Tekki Lomnicki, and poet Nina Corwin shared original work that is informed by, but not limited to, the experience of living with a disability.


Readers featured in “The Body Uncommon”

Accompanying Humans Being II is a group exhibition entitled Body & Brain, juried by artist Ginny Sykes. The exhibition features 22 artists and focuses on the connection between body and brain, in various manifestations and media.

'N.H.:Memories', monoprint etching by Judith Hladik-Voss

‘N.H.:Memories’, monoprint etching by Judith Hladik-Voss

Also on our lower level is a solo show by Kay Hartmann, What’s Wrong with this Picture? Hartmann says of her exhibition, “My goal in creating the work for this show is to ask women who know or love someone who’s had breast cancer, “What’s wrong with this picture?… Why has the incidence of beast cancer among American women increased so alarmingly? Why, when we have spent so much money on breast cancer treatment and research, do we still know so little about what causes this disease? Have we given up trying to cure it, because of the industry that has grown up around breast cancer?”

Please stay tuned as we prepare for our next exhibition “Slippery Slope”, a hot Summertime special focused around pornographic aesthetics, curated by Robin Hustle.

WMG Staff

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