20 Neighborhoods with AG47

Teaching Assistant Elyse Schauer tells us about the workshops with AG47

August 12, 2012

AG47 had it’s first workshop at Create Counseling Center in Logan Square on Saturday, August 11th. Three women visual and performance artists who mentor pre-teen and teenage girls through AG47, came together with fellow AG47 mentor, Katherine Robinson, to make assemblage sculptures that reflect the 20 Neighborhoods project’s themes of self, home, community/neighborhood, and world. The Create Counseling Center art therapy clinic has generously donated their space for us to use throughout the project.

We began by asking the questions “What does community mean to you” and “What makes you safe to make art?” on paper on the walls, leaving free room for artists to respond. After a brief discussion on the points that came up, we did some performance exercises in the hallway, which helped everyone get acquainted and loosen up. Next there were brief demos on gel medium and packing tape transfers, to be used to create collages.

The last half of the time was an open studio hour, with the goal of each participant creating 5-6 “artist trading cards”- brief examples of our art that we could trade with each other. It was great to begin making work so quickly, with a quick project in mind, and not a lot of pressure. Our magazines, glue, and oil pastels provided plenty of inspiration. At the end of the class, we all went home with trading cards from our fellow artists- a great way to begin an art making journey together.

Next week we will bring objects related to the project’s first theme of Self, and begin planning our sculptures.

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