20 Neighborhoods at Mercy Lakefront Housing and Schiff Residences

Teaching Artist  Ruth Hodgins tells us about the workshops at Mercy Housing Schiff Residences

July 11

“We had a great time at the Orientation Workshop at Mercy Housings Schiff Residency. A small group to start with, but eager to get into the materials and begin creating.

The group was intrigued by the variety of materials, and straight away saw objects they wanted to use. After a short introduction and explanation, we had a look at some artwork and images from many artists, including one participant who brought in her portfolio of excellent drawings. Because the group was small we decided to work on a creative exercise together. We created our own community of origami houses, which we personalized using a variety of materials to make each work unique while still being part of a group.

We explored creating artworks by adding materials, but also by taking away. To finish each participant took a small box and filled it with items they were drawn because  of color, texture, or shape.

They are keeping the boxes and using them as an archive to help get started for next week’s theme of “Self”.  It was a fun and easy day to get started, and got the creative juices running! ”

July 18

The second workshop at Mercy Housing Schiff Residency was a productive one. The group eagerly got started on their sculptures, working to the theme of “Self”.

After a short discussion about the project and theme, we divided up the stands provided by Woman Made Gallery, and organized the materials into three group. Fabrics, Paper, and 3D objects. From there we decided to make a series of collages, which after composition could be attached to each stand.

The participants went on to choose 3 materials from each group, which represented themselves. We thought of Colors, textures, things they would like, favorite TV shows, and hobbies. Form here we ended up with a collection of collages which represented ideas such as: the moon and stars, romance, and my home through my favorite colors.

At the end of class we attach our collages to the stands and had a group discussion where we chatted about each others work that day. It was a busy class and a good start to the project.

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