20 Neighborhoods at Breakthrough Urban Ministries

Teaching artist Ife Williams tells us about the workshops at Breakthrough Urban Ministries

July 8

The first workshop/orientation at Breakthrough Urban Ministries was a wonderful success. We have 6 very dedicated and excited women on our team. The conversation flowered around different forms of both self empowerment and empowering others. The women shared thoughtful stories of personal experiences of empowerment and showed much enthusiasm in having this project act as yet another source. In an effort to further connect and sync with our immediate group, we did several rounds of an impulse counting exercise.

Then the treasure hunt began as the women scavenged through jewels, feathers, and objects that both spoke to them and connected to self. The treasure box exercise was a beautiful introduction to the women beyond their names. As we sat, listening attentively, the participants were able to reflect thoughtfully on the objects in the boxes in connection to the personalities of the their peers. The exercise brought out laughter, thoughts, and even tears. The 2 hours went by quickly, the women can’t wait to learn art techniques and begin assembling!

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