20 Neighborhoods at Mercy Housing South Loop Apartments

Teaching artist Lily Mayfield and assistant Nicole Wingate tell us about the workshops at Mercy Housing South Loop Apartments

June 15

“Our first workshop went really well. We had 4 participants; there was one woman who saw us working and having a good time, so she may be coming to our 2nd workshop. The women in our workshop were really eager to talk, share, and make things, so the 2 hours went fast!  Lily Mayfield and Nicole Wingate showed their artist trading cards as an example, and then the women went to work.  Some participants made artist trading cards and arrangements of objects on paper, others were fascinated by the objects themselves – so much to sort through! Many thanks to the women of Mercy Housing for making our first workshop a successful one. Each of these women possesses a strong interest in exploring the themes for the project and creating work for the show. We’re excited to see the results. We look forward to seeing the personal objects our participants bring to share at our next workshop!”

June 22

“This week we started off by sharing objects of personal significance and thinking about how we could use those objects or apply some of the ideas in our final pieces.  From there we jumped into gel medium and packing tape transfers.  After participants finished their transfers, they began working on personal reliquaries made in small vessels such as jewelry or gift boxes.  On many occasions, we heard participants exclaiming, “This is so much fun! I like this!”  There was a lot of excitement and activity as people worked on their reliquaries.  The women were really sorry to have to stop working and we were too!”

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