“The Project” Reading

On Sunday, October 7th Woman Made sponsored a poetry reading in association with our current gallery exhibition, The Project.  Curated by Nina Corwin, the event joined a group of interdisciplinary and collaborative performers presenting written word in conjunction with music, video, and movement.

(left to right) Jenna Lyle and Tyler Mills

Approximately 30 attentive guests enjoyed writers and performers Carrie Olivia Adams, Robin Fine/Sandra Santiago, Charlotte Hart, Virginia Konchan/Tyler Mills/Jenna Lyle, and Anne Shaw/Robert McClure.

Drawing from her book, Organic Spirits, Charlotte Hart evoked the essence of the natural world. Supplementing her poetry with rye and orange liquor, Hart engaged the audience in a fully sensory experience.  A performance by Carrie Olivia Adams successfully married film and the written word.  A video piece depicting slides of old medical x-rays provided visual evidence of the poet’s inspiration. In a dynamic spoken word collaboration, Robin Fine and Sandra Santiago called for the reestablishment of accepted female body norms. An exploration of sound proved an integral and intriguing component in the work of Anne Shaw.  The poets voice was layered over a prerecorded audio track played at sporadic intervals. The interplay between audio and text was further exposed by Virginia Konchan, Tyler Mills, and Jenna Lyle. Sound art composed from vivid poetic imagery generated a pulsating, multidimensional experience.

-Holly Bresnahan, Gallery Intern

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