Opening Night for WMG’s Summer Exhibitions

Megan Diddle, Untitled

 On July 8th Woman Made Gallery celebrated the opening reception for its new group exhibitions “Underground”and “Seriously Funny”, and Gallery Coordinator Ruby Thorkelson’s solo show “Bodily Functions”. The opening reception was a full house of WMG supporters, artists, and new visitors. Ruby curated the “Underground” exhibition, which displays artworks in a range of media by twelve artists as well as a pop-up library of zines, comics, and self-published works. The “Underground” exhibition presented a visual and literary world of artists, many of whom are exploring subjects of gender identity. As a whole, the show highlights the malleability of sexuality and gender through a diverse range of artwork.


Pop-Up Library Opening Night

The pop-up library, created in collaboration with Chicago Underground Library, became a space for visitors to read and touch a variety of publications, as well as laugh, reflect, and share. On the opening night of the exhibition the library offered viewers time to explore zines and comics, some of which were created by artists whose work was also on the walls. Zines have a unique ability to instantly spark an intimate connection with their reader through the size, hand-produced quality, and personal artistic voice.

The lower level of Woman Made Gallery contained the group show “Seriously Funny”, which was juried by Isabella Bannerman, long-time cartoonist and member of Six Chix blog (an online women’s cartooning collective). The humorous work inspired light hearted reactions from visitors, but also encouraged contemplation on the role of humor in art, the social history of women comedians, and the ever-changing social value of cartoons/print work.                                                         

Ruby Thorkelson's solo exhibition "Bodily Functions"

Sharing WMG’s lower level, Ruby Thorkelson’s solo exhibition “Bodily Functions” boasted a dynamic collection of mixed media three-dimensional work, two-dimensional drawings, and a mini-comic. Exploring the concept of input and output in relation to the human body, the solo exhibition evoked a visceral connection between viewer and artwork. Visitors were found bending and twisting around the three-dimensional works in an attempt to connect with every angle and crevice they contained.              

The opening night of Woman Made Gallery’s newest exhibitions was an energetic event full of laughter, conversation, discussion, and support. The layers of zines, comics, two-dimensional, and three dimensional work intermixed throughout Woman Made Gallery creates an exhibition that can be re-visited on multiple occasions. For those who missed the opening, the exhibition will be up until August 18th and information on WMG hours can be found on our website
–Kate Pollasch, Gallery Intern

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