Woman Made Congratulates Artist, Activist, and Friend Peggy Lipschutz

Peggy Lipschutz in her Studio

Wonderful news! In conjunction with UN Human Rights Day on December 10th, Peggy Lipschutz, an important artist, activist, ally, and friend, will be honored with a lifetime achievement award by the Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, the Center for Constitutional Rights and the Center for Humanities. The following day, Peggy will celebrate her 92nd birthday!

Peggy Lipschutz is a painter, political cartoonist, book illustrator, labor unionist, feminist, pacifist, and humanist. She pioneered the “chalk-talk”— a performance art form combining drawing and music before a live audience. She traveled the country, performing her drawings with musicians and personalities such as Pete Seeger, Ella Jenkins, Studs Terkel, Win Stracke, Arlo Guthrie, Fred Holstein, Holly Near and many others.

A longtime Chicago area resident, Peggy Lipschutz worked as an illustrator, political cartoonist and served as editor for the newspaper, Labor Today, before devoting herself fully to painting eighteen years ago. Her work has been shown at the Art Institute of Chicago, Detroit Institute of Arts, and the ACA Gallery in New York.

Peggy Lipshutz - "The Screenwriter", oil on canvas

Woman Made Gallery had the pleasure of showing Peggy’s work in a 2007 solo show entitled Women in Dangerous Professions.

Two years ago filmmaker Jerri Zbiral released a film on Peggy’s life and work entitled “Never Turning Back”. Visit the film’s website to learn more about Peggy’s inspiring achievements and view the trailer.

Congratulations, and Happy Birthday, Peggy!

– WMG Staff

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