Meet Three Online Registry Artists


“My mixed media works comprise of etchings mounted on wood panel with encaustic. Layered within these works are the representation of desert vegetation and the patchwork patterns of simple shapes – squares, wide strips and lines – that call to mind the traditional weavings inspired by the deserts of North America. Desert Crossings was inspired by my many travels—my many desert crossings– throughout the southwest.

Artwork by Linda Fillhardt

I work as a contemporary mixed media artist. I am interested in printmaking, painting, and encaustic and work in a combination of the mediums. This current work is a collage of a variety of works on paper, which may include monoprints, monotypes, and solar plate etchings. These are then mounted on wood panel and encaustic is then added which adds a smooth dull transparent surface to the work.

Desert Crossings is inspired by my many trips into the desert landscape. Over the last 15 years I have, on a yearly basis, traveled in the deserts of the southwest. I now live outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. These landscapes and the plants that live in the desert haunt me. Their means of survival in the harsh environment fascinate me. Parts of these images are ending up in my work. I am very interested in the panoramic vistas, the plants that survive there and the water and lack of water that is there.”


Artwork by Catherine Wiesener

“I choose to use porcelain in most of my work because it is a unique material that can reference everything from historical ceramics and dinnerware to teeth and sanitary ware. These unusual associations are definitely important to my thought process and concepts because they are all essentially linked together. I draw inspiration for my work from multiple sources such as the idealized portrayal of animals in the media, nature guides, and tales of animal heroism as well as gastronomic re-interpretations of these animals.

I am interested in how our culture preserves and displays animals as well as how we reconcile eating our furry friends and the resulting objects. I am fascinated by the ornate and what it can reveal or conceal about our complex relationships with the things we do, need, eat, or desire. And last but not least, humor, sometimes, dark, finds its way into my work as a result of mixing these ideas and having fun in the studio.”


“I have been making linoleum prints and artist’s books of visual typography for over two decades. The time it takes to carve meticulous figurative designs or carefully chisel visual typography is my personal time for self-reflection, meditation, and empowerment. Thematically, my works explore the oppression and marginalization of women. I use the feminine body as a signifier of patriarchy, its abuses and the struggle against it. I use compositional and figurative dramatizations to express emotional states and explore issues of displacement, loss, transformation, and individuation in women’s lives. The air of woman’s existence in many of those works is warped by the dramatic gestures and the screams shrouded by silence of a printed image.

Artwork by Elzbieta Kazmierczak

I combine printmaking with fiber art to bridge fine arts and the tradition of women’s work. I use stitching as a drawing method to communicate emotional states and identities.

Stylistically, I am fascinated by images that do not quickly disclose themselves and capture attention for the time required to interpret them. Interplay of positive and negative shapes I find pregnant with peculiar beauty that leads me to create images that echo German expressionism and cave painting.”

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