Introducing our Fall 2010 Interns

Kelsey Curkeet

We are thankful to all of the interns who make many important contributions to Woman Made Gallery. Internships at WMG are unpaid, but we encourage students to contact their universities about receiving credit. Potential interns do not have to be affiliated with a university. Typically, an intern works at least one day a week for a 10- to 15-week period.

Interns assist staff members with publicity, installation of art, artist relations, editing of the website, grant research, and many other activities. They help with a variety of tasks that increase the daily productivity of Woman Made.

Kristen dela Serna

Interns come from different universities and organizations, including the School of the Art Institute, Loyola University, DePaul University, Northwestern University, Columbia College, and organizations like the Urban Life Center, located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. Interns’ areas of interests are diverse and have included studies in visual art, painting, art history, sociology, and gender studies.

This Fall we are most fortunate to have the help of Kelsey Curkeet, Kristen dela Serna, Elena Katsulis, and Katrin Welke.

Kelsey Curkeet is completing her degree from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire at Woman Made Gallery. She will be receiving a bachelor of fine arts degree in photography. She is interested in evoking qualities of painting and drawing with her photographs while experimenting with the properties of fluids. Kelsey hopes to learn more about the professional art world before continuing her education.

Elena Katsulis

Kristen dela Serna is a Fine Arts student at DePaul University. As a native Chicagoan, she grew up greatly influenced by the culture and diversity of the city, and continues to find inspiration in art, music, literature, and film. She currently curates shows in an alternative gallery space on the North Side of Chicago, and is excited to work with Woman Made Gallery to further promote the platform for women in the arts.

Elena Katsulis joined WMG with a background in photography, women’s studies, and performance art. She is interested in exploring the relationship between contemporary art theories and modern to contemporary feminism. This is her first experience working in a gallery and she is looking forward to learning how these relationships may unfold within a gallery space. Elena is currently working on collaborative performance pieces, as well as finding a suitable graduate program to further her studies.

Katrin Welke

Katrin Welke graduated from the Freie Universitaet Berlin with a Magistra Atrium in Art History. She focused on 18th and 19th Century Art, especially portraiture with female subjects. In February of 2010 she moved from Berlin, Germany to Chicago. Katrin has always had an interest in developing a more in-depth perspective of Contemporary Art. For her, an internship at Woman Made Gallery is a great opportunity to gain more knowledge and experience.

– Ruby Thorkelson, Gallery Assistant

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