Wine Tasting Party and Fundraiser at WMG – October 22, 2010

 Celebrate the Year of  Mexico in Chicago with Great Art, Music, Wine and Food!

 CHICAGO — You have never tasted fine Mexican Wine? Didn’t know that this is the Year of Mexico in Chicago? Haven’t seen “After Adelita“, a group exhibition with art by Mexican American women artists?

Image by Karin Kuzniar

Participate in Woman Made Gallery’s Wine Tasting Party and Fundraiser on October 22 from 6 to 8 p.m. to satisfy your curiosity!!

There will be Tastings of Fine Mexican Wines brought to Chicago for the first time by Paula Sankarsingh from Era of Elegance, paired with delicious Appetizers created by amazing Andrea Herrera from Amazing Edibles.

We’ll have a small Silent Auction with select artworks, and offerings to a variety of services, including dance lessons, restaurants, theaters, and concerts. You can view the art by Mexican American women, while enjoying live music by talented Hugo Trevino.

Tickets: $60 – contact 312-738-0400 / or visit WMG’s website: to purchase tickets online.

3 thoughts on “Wine Tasting Party and Fundraiser at WMG – October 22, 2010

  1. Marc says:

    – Joy, I’m excited to have found your weibtse again! I followed you on xanga and never knew what happened to you after you got married. As always, beautiful work!

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