If it Wasn’t for Them… Introducing our Summer 2010 Interns

Ryna Frankel

We are thankful to all of the interns who make many important contributions to Woman Made Gallery. Internships at WMG are unpaid, but we encourage students to contact their universities about receiving credit. Potential interns do not have to be affiliated with a university. Typically, an intern works at least one day a week for a 10- to 15-week period.

Interns assist staff members with publicity, installation of art, artist relations, editing of the website, grant research, and many other activities. They help with a variety of tasks that increase the daily productivity of Woman Made.

Priya Bhayana

Interns come from different universities and organizations, including the School of the Art Institute, Loyola University, DePaul University, Northwestern University, Columbia College, and organizations like the Urban Life Center, located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. Interns’ areas of interests are diverse and have included studies in visual art, painting, art history, sociology, and gender studies.

This summer we are most fortunate to have the help of Priya Bhayana, Michele Finkelstein, Ryna Frankel, and Inna Komarosvsky.

Priya Bhayana joined WMG with experience in marketing and outreach for a variety of non-profit organizations. She is interested in learning more about the intersection of community development and art design. Priya hopes to continue her work in art administration and plans to pursue a graduate degree in order to learn about the intersection of community development and art design.

Michele Finkelstein

Michele Finkelstein is currently in her senior year at DePaul University and will be receiving a degree in Peace Studies with a concentration in women’s rights and a minor in English literature. Michele’s education has given her a great deal of knowledge on international and local women’s issues. She is interested in furthering her education by continuing with community organizing, nonprofit work and feminist activism.

Inna Komarovsky

Ryna Frankel is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania and is majoring in Visual Studies with a concentration in Art Practice and Technology. Ryna works and is passionate in the fields of painting and music. This is Ryna’s first experience working at an art gallery, and says she is thrilled to be here.

Inna Komarovsky came to the suburbs of Chicago from Russia when she was five. She currently studies illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design. She creates conceptual, mixed-media illustrations, designs, and animations, focusing especially on imagery that comes from storytelling and memory. She is most recently interested in the healing qualities of creating art.

– Ruby Thorkelson, Gallery Assistant

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