A Few Of My Favorite Things: Looking Forward To “Printmaking”

From July 9th until August 26th, Woman Made Gallery will be host to a new exhibit organized around the art of printmaking. Curated by Debora Wood, this exhibit showcases a wide variety of work utilizing the historic medium of printmaking.  Featuring work from over 30 female artists from around the country, there is no lack of variety in form and content displayed in the selected works.

One particular work of interest is called Important Package by Eryn Blaser. The artist presents a small package that contains a variety of small portraits and artifacts made from silkscreen, dyes and pigments on paper and fabric. The assemblage of so many small prints all in their own presentations offers the viewer a wealth of content.  The artist’s interest in human interactions and their effect on our own growth as people inspires her work. The packaging and formal choices of her work also explore the importance of sharing and communication.

Another notable work that will be featured in the exhibition is by Kathy Puzey. Her work, Fiskars, focuses on her perception of the environment in its past, present and future states. Through her work, Puzey grapples with the human desire to change our surroundings, yet maintain a deep respect for them. The printed cardboard pieces create shapes that are reminiscent of land masses and cartographical creations that require an up close examination.

“Printmaking” will be up July 9th through August 26, 2010, and the opening will be held Friday, July 9, 2010 from 6 – 9p.

WMG will also be exhibiting two concurrent shows: Fran Bull’s “In Flanders Fields” and “Her Way With Print,” a group show featuring five select artists.

 We invite you to come and check out these works, as well as many more, at Woman Made Gallery!

-Lizzie Jones, WMG Intern

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