Calls for Art: “Girl, Please!”

“Girl, Please!” is intended to explore and transcend the definition and expectations of gender that are present everyday in our society.  The theory of gender performance can be a complicated idea for most people to unpack, let alone identify their own place within.  Perhaps through the creation and contemplation of art work made in response to these ideas, we all can learn a little more about the unique role that gender plays in each of our lives.  If we allow ourselves to question our societal, and our own, definition of gender, we might be able to learn more about the individuals who stand behind these descriptions.  And in another attempt of exploration, this show is open to the artwork of all genders, and it will be juried by some of Woman Made Gallery’s own staff, Kristen Carter and Emanuel Aguilar (for information on the jurors click here).

 “Girl, Please!” is still seeking art and will be open to submissions until August 11th!  If you are interested in submitting work, or want to learn more about them, please visit our website at:

Or click here to submit:

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