Around the Neighborhood

 Located within the same five block radius of the West Loop, and easily accessible by car or public transportation, are three contemporary art galleries currently exhibiting shows:  Intuit, Arc, and our own Woman Made.  Leaving WMG I walked to Intuit and then to ARC, and on this quick tour around the neighborhood I became excited about the current shows at each (including ours). Here are some brief tidbits: 

  • The unique and extremely imaginative mythical creature carvings produced by outsider artist, Ulysses Davis in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  These works have a primitive and tribal quality that is enhanced by the vivid imagery of this barber’s imagination and are on display at Intuit art gallery.
  •  The amusing and brilliantly colored organic installations that envelope the walls of the ARC gallery in the present Materiality exhibit.  This show is exciting from beginning to end with fascinating creations produced from simple genre objects.
  • The entertaining and heart warming oil paintings by Pamela Callahan’s show “This is My River” features both abstract and representational images.  These works possess radiant color schemes and thought provoking content that creates a highly stimulated gallery experience.

 The Treasures of Ulysses Davis at Intuit is available until May 15, 2010.  Materiality continues at the ARC gallery until March 27, 2010.   Exhibitions in Woman Made Gallery run through April 22, 2010.

-Stephanie El Tawil, WMG Intern

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