Artist and WMG Member Spotlight – Renee Couture

“I find myself most attracted to materials that come from daily activities—ubiquitous materials that become invisible or forgotten in our daily existence.”

–Renee Couture

There is No Bottom to Reach

 Renee first exhibited at Woman Made Gallery for the “While In Class…” exhibition, a show solely dedicated to student artists. Renee’s gold-plated potato chips entitled, We Eat Laughing, Helpless and Forgetful immediately captured interest of staff, volunteers, interns and visitors. Her work, composed of seemingly mundane materials from her everyday life (things like floss, teabags, hair, etc.), both conceptualize and emphasize day-to-day tasks that would otherwise dissipate within the repetition and banality of an overlooked reality.

Hair Line

 She writes, “My content-driven, process-oriented work is grounded in gender identity, work, and the everyday.  My primary questions are, “what is work?” and “how is it measured and valued?”  There are many daily activities that result in nothing tangible—yet they occupy much of our time.”


*Renee was one of three students awarded an honorary Gallery Membership for her outstanding work in the “While in Class…” show.

  • All of our Gallery Members can be found here.
  • For more information on our Gallery Level Memberships please click here
  • More information on Renee can be found here


 -Kristen Carter, Gallery Coordinator

One thought on “Artist and WMG Member Spotlight – Renee Couture

  1. Nicole says:

    Gorgeous work…(There is No Bottom to Reach) with an exquisite feminine sensibility. It is bringing up my memories of Mexico City..

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