A Few Of My Favorite Things: Looking Forward To The 13th International Open

After reviewing 224 entries for the 13th International Open show at Woman Made, 34 works were chosen by Laura Kina.  I’m really looking forward to seeing all the work.  Here are a few that look particularly intriguing:  

  • Carla Aurich‘s Pink Slates is a serene homage to the mid-century color field and minimalism painters.  The movement and hue is reminiscent of a more hushed interpretation of Jack Bush.
  • Marcia Babler’s Woman, a digital print of a convex mirror image of stacked wigs provides a conversation about consumerism, womanism and costume.  The appearance of these headless, lifeless wigs is both comical and grotesque.
  • Charlotte Freed’s gritty black and white snapshots of London clubbers in the mid-nineties provide a glimpse into a subculture who’s partying like it’s their last night on Earth.

The opening will be on March 5 and there are so many more great pieces to check out.

-Whitney Stoepel, WMG Intern

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